Sunday, January 31, 2010

"Dino Cellini" The Action Packed "Mob" Movie Drama Is Coming Soon To The Movie Screen ... Based on a true story, this character driven movie tells the fictional account of the real life of Dino Cellini. The movie tells how an impoverished son of a Steubenville Ohio Barber, during the Depression years, rose through the "Mob" ranks and became Meyer Lansky's top lieutenant. Not as a thug among the likes of Bugsy Siegal, but by brains. By his sheer mathematical genius, self discipline, class, style, elegance, his charm and his charisma, Cellini would go on to parlay his overall talent to become the Mafia's preeminent casino mastermind, and a "Master Casino Operator Extraordinaire." As Lansky's highest Deputy, Cellini would create the Mafia's casino haven in Havana Cuba in the 1950's. During those years, Cuba was a much greater cash cow than Las Vegas. Cellini's operations would net untold millions of dollars..... This movie is expected to be the next Blockbuster Since "THE GODFATHER!”/>

"The FBI Declassified the Mafia's Best Kept Secret, So the story of Dino Cellini Can Finally Get Told!" Stay Tuned For the movie.... Become a Fan of Dino Cellini (The Movie) and stay updated on Facebook:

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